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Riveting Made Easy – Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic has launched a new series of rivet squeezers and hammers exclusively for the Industrial/MRO/Aerospace market. The CP42 series comprises of ergonomic squeezers and lightweight rivet hammers with six model of squeezers covering the most frequently used rivets. With a low sound levels of 72 dB and minimum vibration of less than 2,5 m/s², they are designed for operator comfort and safety.

A rotating swivel air inlet provides extra flexibility enabling the tool to be easily placed in the required position. Engineers also have a choice of sizes and either C-jaws or Alligator jaws to best fit the application and provide optimal access. These powerful forged steel jaws offer great durability and covers most types of rivets up to 3/16” (4.76 mm) within 3 inches (76 mm) from an edge.

There are also seven models of compact rivet hammers in the series from just 1kg and available in a wide range from 1X for the smallest rivets up to 9X for the larger rivets. A teasing trigger allows users to deliver just the right amount of power and they can adeptly handle all aluminium rivets up to 3/8” (9.53 mm) in size. Furthermore, when used together with the Chicago Pneumatic bucking bar, they provide excellent ergonomics so engineers can complete the task quickly and safely.

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