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Facing the future, knowing the facts

The Asset Performance 4.0 Conference & Exhibition in Ghent this autumn offers an opportunity to learn first-hand how new technologies in operations, maintenance and asset management can transform performance, as its sponsors explain.

Companies that want to make the difference are consistently turning to optimisation. Improving the performance of your machinery has become the main objective in any production environment. New technologies and digitalisation play a crucial role in this – especially in maintenance and asset management.

With the Asset Performance 4.0 conference and exhibition, BEMAS invites professionals to explore new horizons. The extensive range of products and services at the exhibition, together with a series of inspiring presentations and workshops, is an excellent reason to mark 15-17 September 2020 in your diary.

BEMAS, organiser of the successful Euromaintenance 4.0 Conference, launched Asset Performance 4.0 as a leading European conference and exhibition on digital transformation in the field of industrial manufacturing and infrastructure management.

Endorsing the Asset Performance 4.0 approach, several companies have joined the event as Diamond Sponsors.

“It is the perfect definition of the current developments in the maintenance world,” says Ringo van Voorst, marketing manager for Belux at SKF.

“Thanks to digitalisation, many new possibilities for preventive, predictive and proactive maintenance are created. For SKF, this has opened the door to a new business model. Today, our components are a part of a larger whole that we call ‘the optimisation of rotating equipment performance’. It is therefore logical that we embrace an initiative such as Asset Performance 4.0 and give it our full support”.

Gertjan Edelijn, marketing officer of asset integrity management specialist I-care, says: “In a world where Industry 4.0 is thundering through the manufacturing industry like a high-speed train, Asset Performance 4.0 is a real challenge for both factories and service companies. This has been a familiar theme for us for 15 years: data has always been the starting point for our company. That’s why we want to participate in the BEMAS event.”

Hanne Stans, marketing coordinator at ERIKS Belgium, adds: “As an industrial service provider with the mission to make companies better and more efficient, ERIKS cannot be left out. Sponsorship enables us, as a pioneer in this field, to share a great deal of knowledge.”

New inspiration in new technology

The industrial landscape is currently right in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution, with new technologies such as the industrial internet of things and predictive analytics offering hitherto unseen possibilities for operations, maintenance and asset reliability, and more diverse and affordable solutions to monitor and increase asset performance.

“Asset Performance 4.0 is a platform where any professional player in the field of maintenance or asset management can gain inspiration and expand his or her network,” says van Voorst.

Edelijn adds: “In their transition to the ‘smart factory’, industries sometimes underestimate the importance of ‘Maintenance 4.0’. This event gives market players an accurate picture of the products and services available today.”

Stans says: “Everything goes so fast that factories often can’t see the wood for the trees anymore. BEMAS Asset Performance 4.0 gives maintenance people the opportunity to find an answer to the many questions that currently exist. In addition, they will find inspiration and hopefully also the confidence to put the collected information into practice on their shop floor.”

Balance between theory and practice

The Diamond Sponsors agree: if you want to accurately assess Maintenance 4.0 and the potential of current and future solutions, you should not miss out on Asset Performance 4.0.

“This is the only event that approaches the subject with real knowledge,” says Edelijn. “The visitor can expect qualitative and interactive content that will undoubtedly provide more insight into the maintenance of the future.”

“The fact that its organisation is in the hands of BEMAS increases the intrinsic value of this event,” continues Stans. “BEMAS knows the needs and requirements of the maintenance world like no other, with the result that we can talk about a knowledge event rather than a trade fair.”

“This platform bundles knowledge about ways to optimise machine availability and reliability,” concludes van Voorst. “This is exactly what maintenance managers are judged on. It is necessary to obtain the right information, at the right level, within a network of people with similar challenges. So I can only recommend being there.”

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