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Introducing Hydrotechnik UK’s HTUK Watchlog – a truly wireless pressure and temperature sensor system

Up to 1.6km transmission distance, 100 sensors per system and up to 2 years battery life

Hydrotechnik is proud to announce its new wireless data monitoring and acquisition system, designed for continuous measurement and monitoring of critical machinery, processes and systems. Rapid deployment, long transmission distances and stability of signals make this system easy to install and specify when wired options present problems.

The HTUK Watchlog wireless send and receive system is designed for continuous monitoring and logging of multiple pressure and temperature sensors over distances of 800m or 1.6km.

HTUK Watchlog represents a huge step in the provision of secure point to point wireless transmission of sensor signals. Hydrotechnik pressure transducers and/or temperature sensors fitted with HTUK sender boxes are powered by two standard AA batteries giving up to two years of life, even when used continuously. A huge range of pressure sensors are available from 0-60 bar up to 0-600 bar and -50°C to +200°C temperature probes (more sensor ranges are also available). Up to 100 sensors can sit on the same system.

Sensor signals are beamed to a single receiver box, plugged into a PC via a USB cable. Sensors and receivers can be up to 800m away. If longer distances are required we offer a repeater/booster box that can increase wireless transmission distances up to 1.6km. Distances are suitable for industrial building/site applications. The booster box can be solar powered to give continuous service if mains power is not available.

Each set up can handle up to 100 sensors per system. All sensors talk to a single wireless receiver and Watchlog software. Data is displayed numerically or graphically. Alarm levels can also be set for each channel individually, both a pre-warning and critical alarm. Alarms can also be set to start logging data numerically or graphically to record events.

The software can be used to wake and sleep each sensor or all sensors at the same time.

All sensors are individually calibrated and set up via an easy to use software. The software sets up the sampling and transmission frequency to adjust the accuracy/stability of readings as well as optimising battery life.

Cloud integration will follow shortly which will give engineers alerts via text message and the ability to login remotely to check on the status of their equipment.

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