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Compliance: how to manage it effectively with RiskMach

How do you manage compliance within your organisation?

• Is the information saved on paper (filed away in folders) or spreadsheets?
• Do you find it difficult to access this information when needed?

Here at Spiers Engineering Safety, our engineers have worked in the machine safety sector for many years; we have all carried out machine inspections, machine assessments and have vast experience with post report support.
We’ve seen customers receive large amounts of risk assessment documentation with which they had no idea what to do. The existing ways of working simply didn’t accommodate this influx. As a result, the outcomes were patchy at best, largely depending on the personalities involved.
People are becoming more comfortable with technology – it is simply no longer enough to provide PDF and printed reports. The customer needs to interact with the information, and not get caught up in time wasting and duplicating it into watered down ‘tracking sheets’.
The objective of RiskMach is to provide a platform to achieve invisible compliance across all risk in your business. All your inspection, auditing and survey needs with supporting risk assessments and actions managed in one place.
Take the brakes off and release your full potential using the combined power of web-based management systems interfaced with powerful apps for offline working.

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