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Winner: Employer of the Year Award

EOGB Energy Products

EOGB Energy Products is a multi-faceted company, manufacturing its own products, distributing products from burner and boiler manufacturer Baltur and training numerous gas and oil engineers.

Most EOGB employees remain with the company for at least 10 years. The company attributes these numbers to its continued investment in staff development, its willingness to accommodate staff’s personal and professional needs, and a general positive atmosphere that it believes makes all staff feel welcomed and part of a supportive community.

The company has a fully accredited training and assessment centre, where both external and internal candidates can improve their skills and knowledge in a variety of areas.

EOGB runs commercial burner training at the Baltur test centre in Bologna, every summer. This provides engineers with hands-on experience of firing large commercial burners, which is not an option in the UK. Engineers including employees Reece Summerfield, Harry Holmes and Andrew Cooke have been supported through their gas and oil training by EOGB.

The company says it recognises passion and determination, puts faith in people from all industry backgrounds, putting together bespoke training programmes to help them achieve their aspirations.

EOGB strongly believes that small adjustments and accommodations can make all the difference to the morale and happiness of its employees. Prime examples of this have included changing work hours to 8:30am-4:30pm in order to avoid traffic issues and allow employees to get home to their families more easily.

The judges verdict was: “This is a company that clearly cares for its employees and gives them the opportunity to shine; as a result, employees feel valued and supported in their personal development challenges.”