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Winner: Predictive Maintenance

Balance Systems

B-Safe Spindle Monitoring System

B-Safe is a new monitoring and diagnostics system for spindles and machine tools, based on the continuous analysis of vibration and temperature.

The miniaturised system can be installed directly on the spindle and uses hybrid MEMS 3D and piezoelectric technology to analyse signals over a wide band. A microprocessor with integrated memory allows detection and memorisation of collisions, unbalances, overloads and other anomalies as well as tool wear and bearing diagnostics.

The miniaturised head contains a 3-axis MEMS 3D sensor, a one-axis piezoelectric sensor and temperature sensor as well as the CPU.

For machine protection, collision detection is achieved by monitoring vibration accelerations in all directions (and immediately stops the machine). Overload detection is based on vibration velocity. Digital filters and algorithms screen out false alarms. It has a fast, 1ms digital output. A CPU and memory are embedded in the sensor head.

The system allows maintenance jobs to be planned in accordance with actual use of the spindle.

B-Safe can be configured according to customers’ needs, to provide alarms, real-time data, FFT analysis, logging of events, waveform recording, trend statistics and a service history book.

The B-Safe is Industry 4.0 ready, with connectivity via ModBus TCP or RTU, data downloading and remote and online data access. The judges verdict was: “A very impressive all-in-one monitoring and analysis system for spindles and machine tools.”