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Winner: Process Innovation of the Year

Quantum Controls

Drive Asset Management System

Quantum Controls operates over 100 service contract partnerships throughout the UK.

Its customers operate large sites that could have hundreds of drives, and they have limited ways of tracking what work has been done out on each asset. Engineers have limited time to file paperwork and keep a history of maintenance. Quantum’s service engineers then struggle when visiting a site because they cannot see what work has been done on each drive.

The company developed a drive asset management system which is available to all its service contract partners. A dedicated team started developing the system last year. It has so far invested over £35,000, excluding staff costs.

This system is accessed via web browser on smartphone, tablet or PC. Customers can access the full maintenance history of each of their drives, progress of jobs which are open or scheduled and the status of any equipment on order. They can retrieve copies of maintenance reports, job sheets and inspection certificates.

They can click into individual jobs to obtain further information, such as work reports, time on/off, parts used and invoice details. They can retrieve and print copies of job sheets and inspection certificates and any photos taken by service engineers. Assets can be searched by the company’s own equipment number or the serial number, to show details such as warranty, service dates and specification. Each job is assigned a number which can be tracked through the system.

Customers who have adopted the system say it has saved them hours of administration work because they no longer have to manually enter data or request information from Quantum. The judges said: “Quantum’s drive asset management system puts all the data at the fingertips of service engineers so they can start work without delay.”