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The versatility of ZETRIX – improving H&S standards with double block & bleed isolation

Industries all over the UK and Ireland benefit from the durability, versatility and high performance of the ZETRIX range of triple offset process valves. With the advantages of a metallic sealing process valve combined with a butterfly design and boasting zero leakage and emissions, these valves can be used for isolation and control even in harsh industrial environments.

ZETRIX valves can be set up as a double block and bleed isolation, which can help to improve health and safety standards, reduce downtime for maintenance repairs, and provide savings in energy and cost. HSE guidance suggests that double block and bleed is the only proven isolation in accordance with HSE Guidance 253 (Safe Isolation of Plant and Equipment), which states that double block and bleed is greatest in the hierarchy of mechanical security for isolation methods.

This solution for isolation means that a section of plant can be isolated without having to shut down the entire system, as would need to be done with single isolation valves in place, allowing for easy and safe upgrade or maintenance work.

A typical double block and bleed, which incorporates two ZETRIX, is the equivalent face-to-face dimension of the vast majority of isolation valves (typically gate and parallel slide valves). The small face-to-face dimensions mean, therefore, pipework with single isolation can be modified to double block and bleed in order to meet H&S guidance with very little alteration, ultimately saving time and money. ARI-Armaturen can make the spool piece to fit any gap, tailoring the system to meet specific installation restrictions. The valves can also be supplied with all forms of actuation (electric, pneumatic, etc) if required.

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