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ATEX-certified drills from Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic launches two ranges of ATEX drills featuring unique chuck protection lowering the risk of sparks, increasing the safety of industrial maintenance operators in potentially explosive environments. Delivering high power and performance as well as peace of mind, the new and cost-effective CP1114R and CP1117 pneumatic drills are ATEX certified to Group II Category 2G/D*, for use in environments where flammable gases and dust may be present.

The new ATEX CP1114R reversible drill is ideal for various applications including drilling, tapping, reaming, honing, and mixing. These drills feature an easy-to-operate forward and reverse switch and have exceptional durability, capable of running for 800 hours before maintenance. As a result, they provide a long service life enabling users to reduce their maintenance schedule and associated costs significantly. The drills are available in speeds of 500 rpm and 2600 rpm.

For more info on ATEX certified drills:
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