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Augmented reality aims to bring consistency to the field

ABB has launched new augmented reality technology designed to transform field procedures in the energy and process sector.

The company says the technology was developed to improve integration between the field and the plant control system, offering improved safety, reducing the risk for human error and making field operations more efficient.

ABB Ability Augmented Field Procedures will bring about greater consistency when undertaking manual procedures, standardising operating procedures and maintenance techniques in the field, and digitally recording notes.

The technology uses a mobile device to guide operators through each step in a consistent way.

Operatives will be provided with hands-free, real-time data on plant assets, processes or procedures using an industrial tablet, smartphones or Microsoft HoloLens glasses, also allowing immediate data entry from the user in the field. It is aimed at operators in the oil, gas, chemical, process, power and water sectors, and ABB says it can be used for start-up, routine maintenance, and shutdown activities.

Chris Naunheimer ABB Energy Industries digital lead said: “ABB worked with customers to develop a solution aimed at making operational site procedures more consistent, data-driven and digitally led. Our solution ensures these procedures are in place for field workers performing tasks when and where they need them. This increases safety and operational efficiency and leads to significant OPEX savings for our customers.”