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Total Folia offers extraordinary advantages in health, safety and product performance

TWP Manufacturing confirms Total Folia metalworking fluid, based on biosourced polymer technology and free of mineral oils and solvents, is a revolutionary product that supports health and safety compliance.

TWP Manufacturing was founded in 1996 and is a high-quality presswork and injection moulding business serving a wide variety of sectors including automotive, construction, electrical and white goods through to high-profile leisure and retail brands.

Having previously subcontracted its CNC operations in the UK and overseas, TWP has brought this work in house, and in just 12 months brought on seven additional CNC machines.

Manufacturing around 30,000 parts a month, TWP needs its CNC machines operating in peak condition. Central to this is using an appropriate lubricant.


TWP wanted a solution that addressed health and safety requirements while providing greater versatility and efficiency.

TWP had previously used a conventional semi-synthetic coolant, known as suds, but found this gave off an undesirable odour, was not kind to the skin or clothing, and due to its oil content the pH levels had to be continually monitored.


Phil Stanley, director of TWP, already understood health and safety regulations, particularly in relation to welding mist, but being relatively new to CNC machining he turned to Total to see if it could recommend a metalworking solution that would help with this compliance.

Total recommended Total Folia, which it introduced to the UK market in 2019. Based on renewable raw materials in the form of a biopolymer, and free from mineral oils and solvents, it offers extraordinary performance and versatility coupled with industry-leading health, safety and performance benefits.


From a health and safety perspective, Total Folia emits no odour and has a reduced tendency to mist during operation. Any mist that is produced does nor contain any mineral oil or carcinogenic fumes. This is not only safer for machine operators but has also removed the need for TWP to invest in demisting units, representing a capital expenditure saving of some £25,000.

Total Folia does not need to carry any CLP hazard pictograms and is therefore safer for operators to use, reducing the chances of skin irritation.

Total Folia also provides ideal working conditions for second operations. Mr Stanley said: “Using a conventional fluid, you would have to degrease prior to welding or plating, but as there is no residue with Total Folia, machined parts can go straight to the welding bay because there are no fumes coming off them. Total Folia just evaporates and doesn’t hold the swarf to the job, which is a major advantage.”

Being an oil-free solution, Total Folia reduces the chance of bacteria forming or growing in the sump and system, and oil drain intervals have also been significantly extended. Mr Stanley said: “We’re finding that our liquid life is much longer – we’re now 12 months in and we still haven’t had to change the fluid in the tanks. Furthermore, there is no sludge at the bottom of the tanks like you’d get with a conventional lubricant.”

Tooling lifespan has increased by up to 25%, significantly saving costs for the business.

The versatility of Total Folia has been another key benefit and means TWP can tap aluminium or stainless steel without having to change the fluid. “One liquid is suitable for all applications,” said Mr Stanley.


Mr Stanley said: “I’m very impressed with the health and safety benefits of Total Folia. As well as not giving off any odour, it has addressed all my concerns, giving me peace of mind that my business is compliant, and my employees are not at risk. The cost of adding mist extractors to each machine would have been in the region of £25,000, so I’m delighted that I haven’t had to do this, because with Total Folia, you do not need them.

“In tool life, which we have seen increase by up to 25%, extended drain intervals, versatility and productivity, Total Folia has been revolutionary for our business.

“Now that I’ve discovered the benefits of Total Folia, I’ve got no intention of returning to a conventional lubricant.”