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Opening new possibilities with smart instrumentation

Developments in smart instrumentation and asset management systems are offering a range of new opportunities for industrial process operators. Providing real-time access to an expanded array of information, these developments can help to dramatically improve process performance.

Wireless possibilities

Many instruments have a built-in HART communication protocol normally used during instrument commissioning. With the arrival of WirelessHART wireless adapters, cost-effective and secure communication to remote condition monitoring applications can now be achieved.

By having a wireless communication pathway, plant assets can be maximised, and unplanned plant shutdowns reduced.

Multivariable transmission

As bus communication supports multivariable transmission, an instrument can transmit multiple measured variables via a single cable compared with traditional analogue transmission systems which require a cable for each variable.

By combining multiple sensor systems, measurement and control capabilities can be expanded to simultaneously measure variables such as pressure, temperature and flowrate, helping to effectively monitor a wide range of applications.

Asset management

Equipment uptime for continuous production represents an important factor in improving process plant productivity and overall profitability. Smart instruments can play a key role in optimising the maintenance function toward this end.

Furthermore, a complete picture of operating conditions can be provided by data processing via health management software. The ability to overlay frequencies, and match fault frequencies to peaks, allows trained personnel to analyse the data. Alarm reports enable decision makers to evaluate a situation and take appropriate action.

NAMUR standards

ABB smart instruments follow the NAMUR NE107 “Traffic Light” principle for identifying fault levels, which can be adapted by the customer, depending on the application.

This type of focused asset management supports maximum productivity while incurring minimum costs. Productivity is maximised by adopting predictive maintenance strategies to assure reliability of essential production assets, and by using field-based diagnostics to identify and avoid potential trouble. Careful planning and execution of plant turnarounds minimises their duration and extends intervals between them.

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